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Leslie Taylor

Leslie Taylor - Founder of Mon Sweet Petite Inc.

Leslie Taylor has stayed open to the concept of improvisation all of her life. Conceived in a pre-
colonial Jamaica, born in Toronto, Canada and spending her formative years in her matrilineal homeland of Barbados. This is the spirit of Toronto and Leslie embodies that spirit of life because
our strength is not only our diversity but the ability to heal the generational traumas of the past by
having an honest evaluation of how we got here!! And then implanting a collaborative process where
everyone is at the table making healthy decisions for our collective futures.

Leslie released a self-titled all original 9 track CD in the mid 1990s as an independent artist and led
a 5-piece band under her own name. Despite the lack of infrastructure at the time ‘First Born’
charted on college radio in Guelph in the mid-90s. Parenthood became her priority and it was
crucial that her daughters were raised in a financially stable home, and despite the love of music
Leslie deferred her dreams with pleasure to co-parent her now adult daughters who are out in the
community thriving. In five years Leslie returned to University completed undergraduate and
graduate degrees in Social Work, and was invited on to the Faculty of Community and Social
Services at Humber College as a Partial-load Professor where the skills of engagement with large
classrooms were honed. Leslie studied jazz guitar with a well known instructor in Toronto
named James Brown and continued to write her music.

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