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Mon Sweet Petite Inc.

Pink Guitar picture representing Mon Sweet Petite

What do Social Work and Music have In common?


They are both the ultimate arts of learning theory and then combining that with the art of improvisation knowing that one size does not fit all.

Leslie Taylor of Mon Sweet Petite holding up a guitar against her chest
Leslie Taylor of Mon Sweet Petite pointing a guitar

Mon Sweet Petite Inc. is an Independent Record Label based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The focus at Mon Sweet Petite Inc., is to provide a SAFE space for musicians that have historically faced barriers to the mainstream music industry based on their identities like age, ethnicity which has been constructed into race, sexual orientation and/or gender and all of its beautiful manifestations of identities. It's within these intersections that art and music flourish. Imagine a Label that cares about who you are as a person while collaborating with you as an artist to create a viable piece of your work that is of value because of your ability to be AUTHENTIC. This Space is SAFE and you are all welcomed to explore the artists and musicians.  

This is Mon Sweet Petite Inc.

Our Story

Musician Info

Leslie always says they’ve been influenced by their community, culture and sounds of their hometown. In fact, their rapid rise as a well-known Musician couldn’t have happened without these powerful influences.

Their signature style has made their musical instantly recognizable, and extremely popular. Their greatest desire is to create music that speaks to as wide a selection of fans as possible. Check out the site to find out more about them and to hear some of their latest and greatest music.

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